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Licensing Photos from Living Sea Images for Print or Electronic Reproduction

MarcShargel's photography is available for use in your publication, presentation or website. The images you see on our website are our "product inventory," so all are copyright protected.
All images and other contents 2012 Marc Shargel
Without the revenue derived from licensing fees this collection simply would not exist.

Stock Photography Licensing

The fastest way to get a quote for licensing our imagery for your project is to contact us by email or telephone. There is usually someone in the studio to answer inquiries during normal buisness hours. We're on Pacific Time here in California, so please take just a moment to calculate what time it is here before calling. We reply to emails about stock photo use with highest priority. If we're traveling for a photo shoot, that can take a few days, so please make your inquiry several days in advance of your deadline!

Comp and Review Copies

As you've surely noticed, images presented on our website contain a copyright () "watermark." If you need a low resolution copy of the image for evaluation or "FPO" purposes, you may right-click or click and drag our images for that purpose only. For any purpose other than evaluation of our image(s) that would lead to a paid stock use, copying of our photography is a violation of federal copyright law. High resolution digital versions of our photos are available from us immediately upon completion of a license agreement.

Prints. We offer a variety of styles sizes, all the details are available on our "Framed Prints" page.

Educational Use

For students in grades K through University, we offer one additional universal, no-charge use of our images, but only under all of the following condition:

If any of the above conditions cannot be met or is not met, you must contact us by email or telephone to arrange licensing. (If your use meets most of the above conditions, the fee will be quite low). If your use meets all of the conditions above, you may right-click or click and drag our image(s) from our website for your educational purpose only. Higher resolution digital versions of our photos or versions without the copyright () watermark can be obtained by contacting us. Even if your use meets all the above conditions, we will need to charge a nominal fee for the time involved in responding to your request.

When You Call to inquire...

... about a stock photo use, please be prepared to answer a few questions about your project. The fee for licensing your use is calculated based on several factors. The number of people who are likely to view the image is the most important, but far from the only one. The more specific you can be the more viewers we can rule out, and the lower your quoted fee will be. We extend discounted prices for projects that use multiple images, and to non-profit organizations to whom we might otherwise make monetary contributions.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions, please contact us by email or telephone to get them answered ASAP! We are happy to take your phone call or respond to your email.

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