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Yesterday's Ocean:
A History of Marine Life on California's Central Coast

Cover of Yesterday's Ocean

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The e-book of Yesterday's Ocean is available here, right now.

Complete references are attached to the e-book. When you find information whose source you want to look into, you'll only need one click to look it up. In many cases the original material is online, so we've provided links to it.

Printed Copies Now Available!
A limited number of printed copies of Yesterday's Ocean are now available for sale. The print version is 20 pages, soft bound and printed on heavy card stock. The softcover books are $19.95 each, and you can place your order here.

NEW Help Page
We've added a help page to the e-book. Once there, you'll see the help icon at the top of the screen. If you wonder how to turn pages, zoom in, etc, just click on "Help."

We've also prepared a bibliography of books and material we did not reference directly, but which informed development of Yesterday's Ocean. Some of these titles have been our favorite reading on Central California topics.

TEDx Talk
In April 2013, Marc Shargel presented a talk at TEDx Monterey containing much of the content of Yesterday's Ocean. A video of the talk is available for viewing online.

Shorter Talk
Before the TEDx talk, Marc gave a shorter presentation at the State of the California Central Coast Symposium on February 27, 2013. The symposium gathered and presented data from the first five years of research on Central California's marine protected areas, which went into effect in 2007. This shorter talk preceded Yesterday's Ocean and was titled Hints Of Baselines Long Past: A Photographic Look Backward in Time. It can be seen in this online video.

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Would you like to takeYesterday's Ocean with you on your tabled or smart phone? We are working on a mobile (ePub) version that will also be available free of charge, later this year. To be notified when it is available for download, just register your email address with us. If you have already registered, you'll be notified automatically.

Also by Marc Shargel
The three acclaimed volumes of the Wonders of the Sea series of lavishly illustrated coffee table books are available at independent bookstores throughout California and right on this website.

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