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Wonders of the Sea Volume Two: Marine Jewels of Southern California's Coast and Islands
By Marc Shargel


"Marc Shargel is an inspired photographer who has the unique ability to capture the mystery, deep beauty, raw power, and fragile nature of the underwater world that is our California coast. Through his eyes and exceptional talent, each of us can explore and embrace our living, yet threatened, coast."

Fred Keeley, former Speaker pro Tempore, California State Assembly. Author of the Marine Life Management Act.

"This wonderful book will be welcomed by all those who value our spectacular marine environment and appreciate recent efforts to protect it through a network of reserves. The book is both reassuring and sobering. It is reassuring that the network is now being put in place, sobering that it took over a century to do so. Heavy human exploitation, working down the food chain, has been depleting these waters for nearly two centuries. The book offers stunning old photos and accounts of the abundance of marine life and exuberance of the fisheries in the early part of the last century. Personal stories of divers and fishers who witnessed the demise of so much of this rich animal community -- damage which continued in the latter part of the century -- provide stark evidence of the need for reserves. Fortunately, as this book illustrates so beautifully, much life still remains right offshore for us to enjoy and now protect, and even bring back to its former splendor for our children and their children. Marc Shargel is to be congratulated for assembling a wealth of information, illustrating the marine treasures that occur right alongside one of the most heavily impacted human habitations in our country, and more than justifying the need for establishing a network of reserves."

John Pearse, Professor Emeritus, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California, Santa Cruz

"Wonders of the Sea, Volume Two documents the important achievement that is the creation of California's Marine Reserves as well as reminds of the reader of what we have lost and what the stakes are. I hope that other readers will take the time to enjoy this journey through California's southern seas and come to appreciate the unique diversity and richness that we have inherited in our coastal community."

Charles Saltsman, Film and Video Production Manager, Monterey Bay Aquarium

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Responses From Our Contributors

"I was delighted to receive a copy of your new book Wonders of the Sea Volume Two, Marine Jewels of Southern California's Coast and Islands. It is beautiful. I am very fond of your including Carpinteria prominently as I believe we have very special marine features here that will prove to be our best assets if we can keep up the effort to protect and preserve them. Your book will help me and others in that cause. The book has also wetted my appetite to do some additional coastal exploring.

"Congratulations on an amazing book!"

Matt Roberts, Director, Parks and Recreation, City of Carpinteria

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