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Notes on the Photographs

End Notes and References:
Throughout these notes “DFG” stands for the California Department of Fish and Game.
Author's Introduction, p 6

The Oregon Border to False Klamath Cove, pp 10-17

The Klamath River to Redwood Creek, pp 18-25

Stone Lagoon to Clam Beach, pp 26-33

Humboldt Bay, pp 34-41

The Lost Coast, from the Eel River to Punta Gorda, pp 42-49

The Lost Coast, from Punta Gorda to Westport, pp 50-57

Ten Mile Beach to the Mendocino Headlands, pp 58-65

Little River to Point Arena, pp 66-73

Looking Back pp 74-79

Selected Marine Habitats, p 80
Soft and Sandy Seafloor, p 82

Rocky Reefs: From Shore to Deep Water, pp 84-85

Kelp Forests, p 86

Pinnacles, p 88

Submarine Canyons, p 90

Lagoons and Estuaries, p 92

Afterword, p 94

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